Design Considerations

There are countless ways to personalize your kitchen or bathroom design; customized edge profiles, free form countertop shapes, alternative surface finishes as well as unique slab or tile backsplash designs.

An edge profile is like icing on a cake, choosing a contemporary square edge, an ornate Italian Ogee waterfall or a rustic chisel conveys a specific look and feel. Whether you prefer a subtle accent or a pronounced focal point, Jackson Hole Stone Work’s attention to detail provides a pleasing finish.

Most stones are produced with a polished, honed, or brushed surface. A polished finish is shiny and mirror-like accentuating the colorful minerals in the stone. A honed finished is matte, meaning it is not glossy and the color is subdued. Honed finishes are often enhanced with sealers to bring out the color but provide a less formal and softer feel. Polished materials can be honed, although not all honed materials can be polished. Textured/brushed surface treatments are popular: sandblasted, flamed, and leathered surface treatments add dimension and slip resistance. Jackson Hole Stone Work’s creates custom finishes on a variety of stone materials.

The high quartz content of granite and quartzite make them ideal for kitchen countertop surfaces. Limestone, marble and travertine tend to be softer body materials and are more practical for bathroom and light traffic areas. Slate is medium density with a natural cleft surface providing a rustic but refined finish. Engineered quartz materials offer an alternative to natural stone; containing over 90% quartz content, these materials are manufactured to replicate natural stone but are low maintenance, providing great long term wear.